The Asics runners face cover.

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COVID hasn’t slowed my marathon training down, so a mask shouldn’t either.
I honestly don’t think ASICS could have made a more comfortable, breathable way to help protect myself and others during this Pandemic. Thank you @asics 🙏

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The ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER has been designed by the ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS) specifically for runners with performance, comfort, and protection in mind.

Some key features include:
• SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: Produced with approximately 31% recycled materials.
• INTERIOR SPACE: The unique curved structure creates more room inside the face cover to allow for easier breathing when running.
• STRATEGICALLY PLACED AIR VENTS: Air vents innovatively placed on the face cover provide unobstructed airflow while minimizing the spread of droplets.
•QUICK-DRYING, WASHABLE FABRIC: Cutting-edge material cools the air flowing into the nose and mouth, improving breathability and comfort. The water repellent, washable fabric makes cleaning easier.
•COMFORT FIT: Specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of faces with an adjustable cord to ensure fit– helping prevent fog build-up when wearing glasses.

Available for purchase in mid-September and will retail for $40.

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