Rowing. The Total Body Workout – Crew Class Dublin

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The picture says it all! You use 87% of the muscles in your body indoor rowing. Every muscle, every stroke! 

The Catch: Your torso and shoulders tilt forward, arms and hands extend towards the fan. Deltoids, triceps and upper back are taut. Legs contract, ready to drive!

The Drive: Your body hangs off the handle, feet push off the footplate. A strong leg drive propels the body backwards down the slide, activating calves, quads and hamstrings. Shoulders and arms accelerate the handle towards the chest. The core and glutes stabilise the upper body, hinging from the hips.

The Finish: Your full leg extension activates the quads and glutes, arms are taut toward the chest. The core stabilises the end of the stroke and the start of the recovery. 

With correct indoor rowing technique, EACH stroke gives you get a TOTAL body workout, training more of your body, in more ways, in less time. So learn how to row, and get fitter faster!

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