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23 hours ago

To make the most of your final week of training, the official water partner have teamed up with ambassador & ultra-endurance expert to share their final top training tips 👉🏻


Melt away holiday stress with these soothing tunes. #yogaplaylist

29 minutes ago

Melt away holiday stress with these soothing tunes.

60-Minute Restorative Yoga Playlist

1. “Water Sign,” East Forest
2. “Limitations,” East Forest
3. “Where Is My Mind,” Maxence Cyrin
4. “To Build a Home,” The Cinematic Orchestra
5. “Waiting Around,” Aisha Badru
6. “Nomad,” Tor
7. “Snow Day,” Pete Kuzma
8. “Heartbeats,” Jose Gonzalez
9. “Feelin’ The Same Way,” Norah Jones
10. “Be Here Now,”  Ray LaMontagne
11. “Atlas Hands,” Benjamin Francis Leftwich
12. “Heart’s Content,” Brandi Carlile
13. “Holocene,” Bon Iver
14. “Familiar Ground,” The Cincematic Orchestra
15. “Sparks,” Coldplay