Try an affirmation practice to create a more satisfying sex and spiritual life.

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8 Poses to Feel Empowered and Sexy

8 Poses to Feel Empowered and Sexy

“I’ve learned that having sex and feeling sexy can and should come from the purest space.” — Rina Jakubowicz

Nir Livni

Feel like you’ve lost your sense of Self in the noise of social media or societal expectations? It’s time to get on the mat and reclaim who you are. Join author and yoga teacher Rina Jakubowicz for Empowered Vinyasa: Journey to Your Highest Self, a series of 10 yoga classes and companion dharma talks that zero in on principles of yoga philosophy—from The Bhagavad Gita and the Hindu spiritual tradition Vedanta—that are essential to self-exploration. Sign up today!

When I was going through a divorce 10 years ago, I used affirmation practices to try to shift my mindset during the healing process. One phrase I repeated often was “I am beautiful.” 

As silly and simple as this may sound, it really helped me. Failing at a marriage is very painful and I carried a lot of judgments about myself, especially since I had been the first in the family to get a divorce. Walking around each day with this affirming thought, even if I didn’t believe it in the beginning, was life-changing. It helped me realize that my words and thoughts are powerful and that I’m in control of how I feel about myself. I began walking with confidence and maintaining a sense of calm in my communication and interactions. In addition to the affirmation practices, I started studying in the Bhagavad Gita and began to apply some of the teachings to my relationships, including in the bedroom. It took several years, but I began to develop a healthier relationship with myself and my sexuality. I learned how to break down my sexual walls and release judgment and fear to become my gorgeous, badass self from within.

I’ve learned that having sex and feeling sexy can and should come from the purest space. That will create the most euphoric and pleasurable experience for both you and your partner. I now teach “Sattvic and Sexy” workshops and courses because I want to help more women tap into this empowering space where they can stop harshly judging themselves or suppressing their sexuality. 

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Sattva is the highest of the three gunas (mental qualities) in Ayurveda. It means pure, poised, or objective. The lower two gunas are tamas and rajas. Tamas is a mental state of inertia, dullness, or laziness. Rajas is associated with mental agitation and hectic activity. We need rajas to move us away from tamas, but our ultimate goal is to move into sattva. If you’re passionate about something or someone but you’re overthinking, emotional, or getting caught in your head, then there’s an attachment and you’re in rajas. If you have passion from a pure place and it doesn’t control you, then you’re sattvic. 

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To start feeling more empowered, sexy, and content in your life and relationships, try this 8-pose sequence. Each posture is paired with an affirmation to inspire you to become the best version of yourself, both as a lady and a lover, so you can create the sex life and the spiritual life you deserve.

Then, join me for a free “Sattvic and Sexy” webinar on April 10 at 2:30 EST. I’ll share more tips for developing a healthier relationship with yourself, your sexuality, and your partner. Register today!

8 Poses to Feel Empowered and Sexy

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Quick & Easy Microwaveable Porridge Oats

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When was the last time you took full rest day.?

Rest Days are Key to Staying Healthy

Planning a full rest day into your routine can actually make you a better runner. Here’s how it works.

August 26, 2020Amanda Smith

Whether training for your next marathon or your first 5K, there is something crucial that can sometimes be neglected by women with a lot of ambition—rest (especially in the form of one full rest day).

When rest is neglected, training suffers. Adequate rest and nutrition throughout any training process are the best ways to ensure not only performance, but overall good health and injury prevention. According to the 2020 National Runner Survey, half of all respondents had an injury that kept them from running for four or more days in the last 12 months.

Fitting in rest days are crucial to keeping your body going in the long run. “It’s extra time to allow for all the, essentially, mechanical repair to go on in the body; production of collagen to repair tendons, muscles, bones, all those tissues taking some breakdown in normal exercise,” says Robert Wayner, PT, DPT, and director of the Ohio Center for Running Performance. A rest day also allows the body to build energy stores back up. “We know that our athletes, over a six-day training period, they may start the week off with full tanks and really good energy balance. But as the week wears on then, especially since some of their workouts are more demanding than others, those more demanding ones are going to take a longer period of time to essentially recoup from caloric energy-wise,” he says. One consequence of continually skipping the rest day and not allowing energy stores to build back up is developing Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) that Wayner says he sees runners fall into inadvertently.

A lot of runners feel guilt around taking a rest day, which comes as a result of a society that glorifies productivity and hyper-competitiveness. Those feelings are especially felt by women who try to ‘do it all.’ The reality is that you cannot train to your full potential if you never let off the gas. Eventually something will break down. For that reason, a group of runners created an Instagram account dedicated solely to idealizing rest where they show how runners like Colleen Quigley, Amelia Boone, or Molly Seidel spend their rest days.

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Our bodies are made to MOVE….

Post-strength session selfie right before Boris decided to close gyms across the UK, effectively taking away a huge outlet for peoples mental and physical health. However, totally understandable in light of the current pandemic. Before the huge national lockdown in March, I was hitting the gym 4 times a week but was struggling with my motivation- why was I there? I felt out of touch with actually ENJOYING exercise.
Lockdown helped me to understand why- because exercise is good for my health, because it allows me to be the best version of myself and gives me the opportunity to be better, and because our bodies are made to MOVE. It actually did me some good because it stoked my interest and motivation again.
When the lockdown lifted, I felt like I was starting from day 1. Home workouts just dont cut it the same! Now, we are all eagerly waiting for December 3rd…if the lockdown lifts then.

I’m now crazy busy training to become a primary school teacher. My days are long and full on, so I realise now it’s more important than ever to make sure I’m feeding my body the food it needs, and getting that movement in on a daily basis. With gyms closed again, we are all having to find new ways to workout. I’m not stressed about my routine. Not anymore. I’ve had to change my outlook, and see that movement is good for us no matter how slow or fast paced it is. I’m using this account to share my fitness journey, keep accountable, and connect with like-minded instagrammers.

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