Does a lot of Down Dogging make you dizzy? @YogaJournal

13 hours ago

Does a lot of Down Dogging make you dizzy?

Why Do I Get Dizzy During Yoga?

Senior teacher and scientist Roger Cole explains why you might get dizzy during yoga practice and how to prevent it.

Go To The Wall @yogajournal

Ever feel like your alignment in poses is *slightly* off? ⁠

In this piece, Jenny Clise (@jennyclise_) explains why you should head to the wall (yes, really). If you’re a teacher, a wall can serve as a second teacher in the room, helping students understand the correct alignment of the pose. ⁠

Even if you’re not a teacher, you can use a wall to work on mastering the sensations and positioning in each of these key postures.⁠

Click the link in our bio to read about how a wall can transform these 8 poses!⁠