our bodies are made to MOVE….

Post-strength session selfie right before Boris decided to close gyms across the UK, effectively taking away a huge outlet for peoples mental and physical health. However, totally understandable in light of the current pandemic. Before the huge national lockdown in March, I was hitting the gym 4 times a week but was struggling with my motivation- why was I there? I felt out of touch with actually ENJOYING exercise.
Lockdown helped me to understand why- because exercise is good for my health, because it allows me to be the best version of myself and gives me the opportunity to be better, and because our bodies are made to MOVE. It actually did me some good because it stoked my interest and motivation again.
When the lockdown lifted, I felt like I was starting from day 1. Home workouts just dont cut it the same! Now, we are all eagerly waiting for December 3rd…if the lockdown lifts then.

I’m now crazy busy training to become a primary school teacher. My days are long and full on, so I realise now it’s more important than ever to make sure I’m feeding my body the food it needs, and getting that movement in on a daily basis. With gyms closed again, we are all having to find new ways to workout. I’m not stressed about my routine. Not anymore. I’ve had to change my outlook, and see that movement is good for us no matter how slow or fast paced it is. I’m using this account to share my fitness journey, keep accountable, and connect with like-minded instagrammers.

#fitnessjourney #fitness #wellbeing #mindful #weightlifting #cardio #circuits #lockdown2020 #nike #usapro

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