Pelvic Floor Poses @yogajournal


Your pelvic floor muscles are to your body what a structural frame is to your house: foundational.

Spanning from hip-to-hip and back-to-front, the pelvic floor muscles are a flexible sling of muscles that support your reproductive and excretory organs, says Kandis Daroski, a physical therapist. This includes your bladder, bowels, rectum, and uterus (if you have one).

Healthy pelvic floor muscles also support sexual arousal and orgasms, says Daroski. And as part of your core, these muscles help protect your spine and support overall balance, she says.

Just like the other muscles in your body, your pelvic floor can weaken as a result of misuse or overuse, says Corey Silbert, a pelvic floor therapist. Also, pregnancy, menopause, obesity, chronic constipation, even improper form while lifting can injure these muscles. As a result, your pelvic floor may be unable to relax, contract, or move with coordination.

Click the link in our bio for the 5 best yoga poses for pelvic floor dysfunction!

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